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Business Basics

Employer Identification Number 
         The Why and How

Business Line Services
         division of Dogbones Network Inc: homepage

Business: Printed Goods 
            Business Cards and Stationery 
Business Forms and Supplies
         Promotional Literature
         Employee Awards and Recognitions
         Business Holiday Cards and Gift Envelopes
         Lettered Logo Design
Business Marketing
Invitations to Business Events
         Promotions, Company Identity and Branding
         Promotional Products (advertising specialties)
         Customer and Employee

Office Support

Sales Support
Off-site file storage
   Online Group Calendar
   Sell sheets

Office Assistance
   Keeping in touch with Customers
      Database development and maintenance
      Direct mail and email campaigns

Internet Basics
Virus Protection for your computer or network 
   Domain Name Registration

Workplace Products
that improve the safety, satisfaction and efficiency of you and your employees

Building a 
Web Site:

also available:


email marketing

website analysis

submission service

tracking service

copyright registration


Web Site Solutions

Are you a do-it-yourselfer?

Do you want to save money?

Do you want to understand the workings behind a webmaster's work?

Services and solutions for a web presence with start-up and established web sites for personal or business use

Domain name and Website Package 
includes domain name purchase, email@domain, 5 page template for your website, hosting, blog and public or private photo album
personal package sample
directions for each component of package
Purchase package at:
Do your own web site