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Suggested Wording for
Retirement and Formal Birthday Parties

Retirement Party

sample wording #F68
The family of
Stephen C. Morse
requests the honor of your presence
at the celebration of his retirement
from the Nyack School System
on Saturday, March seventh
Two thousand and nine
at one-thirty in the afternoon
The Faxon Inn
754 Maple St.
Nyack, New York

We offer several options for your social invitation.

Please revew all the
details to consider... do you want a formal invitation, a casual invitation, do you need calligraphy for either or would you like type or calligraphy done for you to use at a copy shop printer or with your computer and store bought invitations or paper?

We offer napkins, mementos, party items, and recognitions to help you create a memorable event.

Birthday Party

verse #F61
You are cordially invited to a
Surprise Thirtieth Birthday Party
in honor of
Cheryl Lambert
on Friday, the ninth of October
Two thousand and nine
at seven-thirty o’clock
The Cornflower Restaurant
7011 Main St.
Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania


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